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Applications for unemployment compensation increased by up to 52 percent in Portugal

The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are rising as we move towards the end of the lockdown in many countries in the world. During the COVID-19 spread, Portugal suffered 30.788 confirmed cases of the virus and 1.330 deaths.

Consequently, applications for unemployment compensation among young people increased by up to 52 percent only in April. This is a significant difference in unemployment for young aged people in contrast with other age groups in the country. It is believed that over 200.000 people received unemployment compensation in April, with a 17 percent difference compared to last year’s April.

There was a 33 percent increase in applications among the age group between 25-34 and 20.4 percent between the age of 35-44. It is estimated that the number of unemployed people in Portugal is 392.000, according to social welfare service statistics.

It is only the beginning of the unemployment crisis, with the number of people losing their jobs during the lockdown increasing. There is a good sign of progress, as the European Union discussing financial help for the countries to fight against unemployment.

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