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Black Lives Matter: Many European citizens protest against racism

George Floyd ‘s death has sparked a wave of protests that have spread across Europe with the slogan, “Black Lives Matter.” Thousands of citizens in various European countries went to the streets to protest, while in Athens there have been clashes with police forces. 

A large protest was held in London, where thousands of people raised their voices against racism, cheering on Black Lives Matter. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnsonsaid he respects everyone’s right to protest but must comply with the rules of social distancing between the citizens. 

People took to the streets to condemn racism, protesting against police violence, showing their solidarity to Floyd, and for similar cases of police violence. Furthermore, the European Union Minister for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borell, said this.

“We support the right to peaceful protest and we condemn all forms of violence and racism and call for the de-escalation of tensions. We trust the ability of Americans to unite, to heal wounds as a nation. Let me repeat that every life has value, that the lives of blacks have value. “

The events in America have not left Europeans unmoved, as they defied security measures during the COVID- 19 era and took to the streets to make their voices heard. And this is the most important thing since normal life is now defined by distances, with the whole escalation of tensions being an expression of indignation towards the political system and the management of COVID- 19.

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