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Boston Straight Pride Parade is interrupted by protestors

According to USA Today, Boston’s Straight Pride Parade took place Saturday, drawing counter-protesters in response to the event.

“People of all two genders,” an organizer said (courtesy of the Boston Globe), “welcome to the first annual Boston Straight Pride Parade.”

According to the Boston Globe, the Straight Pride Parade began at Copley Square, with former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos in attendance as a grand marshal. WBUR stated that the organizer of the event is Super Happy Fun America (SHFA). According to Super Happy Fun America’s site, they “advocate on behalf of the straight community.”

While no major fights broke out during the protest and Straight Pride Parade, there were police officers present during the event. According to WCVB, Boston Police said that 36 people were arrested, and four officers were injured.

An attendee of the event, Gavin Schutte, said it took an hour to get into the event and that more people would be in attendance if not for it being blocked off by the barricades. Schutte stated he felt people were being suppressed.

The Boston Globe reported that there were 600 protesters and about 200 parade attendants. A protester named Lisa Magil stated that she felt the parade was more about hate.

”This isn’t about straight pride.” she said. “This is about hating everyone who isn’t them (the Straight Pride Protestors).”

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