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Brother confesses to killing pregnant sister

According to NBC News, Eduardo Arevalo has confessed to killing his sister and dumping her body.

NBC News reported that Viridiana Arevalo was found Monday morning after being reported missing by her boyfriend on December 17. Viridiana was 8 months pregnant at the time of her death. Her brother, Eduardo Arevalo, confessed to the killing, stating that he originally moved her outside of The Colony, a suburban neighborhood in Dallas.

According to The Washington Post, it was originally believed that Viridiana had killed herself, having previously struggled with depression per ABC 13. Police were informed by a family member that she’d previously talked about harming herself and a suicide note believed to be written by Viridiana, which Eduardo would later confess he’d forged. However, footage from the alley Viridiana’s body was found at pointed to Eduardo as the suspect.

According to ABC 13, the family of both Eduardo and Viridiana don’t believe that he killed his sister.

“I know my brother.” Diego Arevalo, who is related to the brother of both the victim and the suspect said (courtesy of ABC 13). “He wouldn’t do something like this. He’s very kind, very positive kind of guy, very motivated.”

ABC 13 reported that officers stated the reason Eduardo provided for murdering his sister was that he felt, “she was an embarrassment,” and wouldn’t be a fit parent after a fight took place between the siblings on the morning of December 16. Thinking that it would be best to murder Viridiana, he later walked into the living room where she was and strangled her to death on the couch (courtesy of The Washington Post). He then moved her body to a field in Fannin County, moving her body back to the Colony to an alley where she was later discovered.

According to The Washington Post, Eduardo has been charged with capital murder and tampering with evidence, with bail set at $1.05 million.

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