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College chemistry professors arrested for making Meth

Two Arkansas college professors have been put into administrative leave after a meth lab was discovered. Henderson State University professors Bradley Allen Rowland and Terry Bateman were arrested in something that could only be described as a Breaking Bad rip-off.

The professors’ lab was discovered when the science lab was closed on October 8. This was due to a strong, unignorable smell. They were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and use of drug paraphernalia.

October 29 saw the lab reopen, but in the process of testing to see what caused the odor, the room tested positive for Benzyl chloride. There has yet to be a public trial date for the on-leave professors.

Rowland, however, knows and enjoys Breaking Bad, he even previously garnered the nickname “Henderson’s Heisenberg”, which is a clear reference to the show’s protagonist, by the college’s newspaper. He claimed he enjoyed the show as it sparked students’ interest in chemistry.

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