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The European Parliament investigate Orban’s decision to rule without control

One of the most popular personalities, for the wrong reasons, of the pandemic, is Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban. The right-wing nationalist politician took the power under his control until the end of this COVID-19 state of emergency, without having any control from parliament. In a sense, Orban can rule the country exactly as he wants for an undetermined time period and surely this is an abuse against the worldwide democratic rules.

In contrast, the news from Hungary did not cause a huge protest from the Europian Union. But, after a month, today the European Parliament, opened the “case” of Orban’s actions. The Hungarian Prime Minister did not appear in the Parliament but instead has sent in his place, the Minister of Justice, Judit Varga, to analyze the notion behind Orban’s decision to rule as a “sovereign” as long as the state of emergency continues. The European Parliament answered that in the conversation about this matter, only the leaders of the nations are allowed to speak.

It is important to note, that it was time for the European Parliament to take action against Orban, due to the fact that in the beginning, only a few politicians admitted the undemocratic character of Orban’s decision. However, the key question is what if  Orban will not appear in the European Parliament (as we know, it’s against the policies of the European Union) and if there is going to be any punishment in order to restore the democratic rule in Hungary.

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