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Facebook Doubles Fake Account Removal In 6 Months

Last updated on August 17, 2019

Facebook has doubled on fake account removal by removing up to 3.39 billion accounts within the October-March timespan.

The effort is in an attempt to combat the ever-threatening problem Facebook has had with fake bots and spam accounts. The site’s community standards state that it has seen an influx of abusive and suspicious behavior in the past few months. In fact, Facebook has reported that around 5% of all monthly active users are fake accounts. That would mean around 120 million users on the site are not real people.

These efforts have proven to be quite efficient. In a Facebook Press Call interview, Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has stated that a majority of these accounts were removed only a few minutes before they become “active”, preventing the spreading of potential harm on the site.

Along with this, Facebook has also managed to crack down on over 7 million posts containing “hate speech” in that same period. According to the site’s own policy guidelines, hate speech would entail things such as terrorist propaganda posts, distasteful humor, and posts that may disparage historically oppressed groups, amongst other things.

Given the ever-expanding nature of the internet, such efforts to moderate it may be considered overly-ambitious, but Facebook’s attempts are certainly applaudable.

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