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G/O Media blogging platform may soon be no more

G/O Media may be stifling individual users from running personal blogs on its platform. In a statement found on all unofficial Kinja blogs, a letter by G/O Media states they’re “reevaluating” the option.

“Dear Kinja User,

Based on feedback, G/O Media is reevaluating the options for maintaining Kinja user pages and they will remain accessible at this time.


G/O Media”

Ever since 2013, users had the option to compose their thoughts and opinions onto a post akin to Kotaku, The Onion, Jezebel, and various now G/O Media-owned properties. This deletion follows Deadspin’s “stick to sports” staff revolt, which has since caused nearly if not all of its editorial staff leaving.

The announcement also follows management deleting a “classic” post titled “Jim Spanfeller is a Herb” by former Deadspin, Jezebel, and Gawker writer, Emma Carmichael. The article, which was deleted and reposted as a Kinja blog post, but was gone after Carmichael’s blog was outright deleted.

The decision by G/O certainly isn’t helping their case to not stoke the fire. Among the affected, though, includes Public Pool. The site automatically releases White House pool reports for all to see, something few publications have the ability or means to do.

They haven’t stated how long the blogs will remain open or when they plan to shutter that feature.

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