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Greenville Shooting suspect released

According to NBC News, a suspect in the shooting in Greenville, Texas was released Nov. 6, in light of new evidence being released.

Now identified as Brandon Ray Gonzales, the suspect had previously been charged with capital murder. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the arrest was based on an unknown witness’s account, who reported Gonzales was seen playing a dice game in a restroom at the party. The witness reportedly saw him pull out a handgun and started shooting.

According to NBC News, over 50 protestors gathered outside the Hunt County’s sheriff’s office. Dallas activist Rev. Jeff Hood stated that Gonzales’ arrest wasn’t due to him actually seeming guilty.

“I believe that he (Gonzales) is being railroaded by a sheriff,” Hood said, “that does not have enough to keep him.”

According to student news publication The East Texan, two (Kevin Berry Jr. and Byron Cravens) attendees were killed. AP News reported that 12 were injured, with half being from gunshot wounds and the rest being the result of trampling or broken glass. The shooting also caused two deaths. At a vigil held for the shooting in Dallas someone opened fire, but there were no reported injuries.

According to the Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks, there has been a refusal to cooperate. In a Dallas Morning News article, Meeks stated that he would like for more witnesses to come forward.

“Though individuals may have reasons for wishing not to come forward,” Meeks said. “We ask that they do so and tell law enforcement what you saw and heard no matter how small the information may be.”

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