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Italian workers still waiting for their wages into lockdown

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, many companies forced to remain closed and in Italy, workers have yet to receive state aid. Italy has announced a general lockdown on March 9, but until today, the financial aid to the workers has not been given, as they waiting for their two months wages, and Italy’s prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, posted on Facebook, said:  

“I apologise on behalf of the government and I promise will continue to work to ensure that payments are made as quickly as possible.”

However, it is reported that the cause of the delay is the overloaded Italian bureaucratic system. Furthermore, the payment structure is cover the workers in large companies, but not those who are in small companies within the service section, which they hit the most by the crisis.

According to Professor of International Economics at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Filippo Taddei, the workers now they afraid more for the future and less for not getting the money.

And this is the crux here, during this COVID-19 crisis, the future becomes more and more uncertain. Many theorists believe that the financial crisis after our survival will be more difficult to handle. As a matter of fact, reports are saying that the deaths because of the financial dead-end will bring many people to end their lives. The key here is not to think about what will happen, but to look to the present moment.

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