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Lunch shaming to be banned in California

Lunch shaming will soon be a thing of the past in California. Following the generosity of Napa County’s Ryan Kyote, a middle school student who saved up his allowance and used what he received to pay off the lunch debts of his peers. The students, according to him, are singled out when they acquire an alternative lunch, which occurs when their parents or guardians have standing lunch debt.

The act of Kyote touched many’s hearts, including Governor Gavin Newsom who outright made efforts to meet the child back in August. Bernie Sanders also took the time to address the generosity by criticizing the US on how they have the ability to go into lunch debt in the first place.

Some people on Facebook complained schools are punishing the child for struggles the parents are going through. The food that would be provided to these students with debt would be a simple cold sandwich. Though, it was seen as cruel as students with the cold sandwich would be singled out by their peers which have “regular” lunches.

The new law aims to cease lunch shaming and allow for a state reimbursable school lunch of the student’s choice no matter their financial situation.

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