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Macron appointed Castex as the new Prime Minister as the feminists protest against Darmamin

In the mid-COVID-19 era, the French President Emmanuel Macron appointed Jean Castex as the new Prime Minister, after Édouard Philippe resigned on Friday to the President. Castex, 55, was the mayor of the community of Prat, in the Pyrenees mountain, and also the coordinator of the governmental actions against the COVID-19 threat.

On the other hand, Édouard Philippe was on Macron’s side for the last three years, but until now there is not any information that he will remain on Macron’s party from another position. To be noted, the new government reshuffle was inevitable, after the result of the municipal elections on the 28th of June, ending up with a massive abstention of the voters, as well as the defeat of Macron’s Party and the rise of ecological Green Party.

Furthermore, this new governmental structure will govern France until the Presidential elections in 2022. The main goal of the government is to handle effectively the COVID-19 crisis on the French health system. Despite this, Macron appointed Gérald Darmanin as the new Minister of Interior, and this action caused a series of protests, due to the fact that Darmanin, was accused of rape in 2018. In particular, two women blame Darmamin, the first for rape and the second for taking advantage of her weakness. The investigation for the former is in progress as the latter the case was closed without any further action.

Finally, feminist organizations protested against Darmamin, on his first day in the office, outside the building of the Ministry, as well as in a police department that he visited. The main request from the feminist circle is that Darmamin must quit his new role as the Minister of Interior.

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