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A closer look at Metro Manila PH’s traffic crisis

In the city of Metro Manila in the Philippines, experiencing heavy traffic during peak hours is just ordinary. With over 400,000 vehicles plying on the city’s main road, EDSA, no wonder that it bagged the first place as the “worst city to drive in,” according to a worldwide survey by traffic app, Waze. As reported by Bloomberg, the driving time within the area takes almost five minutes per kilometer.

Metro Manila is also the most congested city in Asia based on a recent study. After all, many Filipinos from provinces go to the capital with the hope of finding higher-paying jobs and better opportunities, resulting in the influx of people and vehicles.

The Effect Of The Traffic Crisis

Time is valuable, but instead of spending it with their loved ones or for resting, many Filipinos are stuck on heavy traffic while going to work or school. To make sure to arrive on time, a commuter should wake up at least three hours beforehand.

In addition to the daily, stressful trip, what’s alarming are the health risks associated with this traffic problem — mostly respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses. It’s actually painful to see that a simple problem like traffic grew to be an issue involving public health.

Solving the Problem With The PH Government’s “Build, Build, Build Project”

This problem is indeed making the citizens suffer. So, what can be done to end this? There were many solutions that were previously suggested, including the Provincial Bus Ban in EDSA and many others. However, these suggestions were not fully implemented or not effective enough.

Facing this seems like a never-ending issue, private sectors and government officials expressed their hope in solving the traffic crisis by developing more and better infrastructure. This initiative is called the “Build, Build, Build program,” which is aimed to be completed by 2022 before the end of President Duterte’s term.

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