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Potential Antifa show up at family home of Andy Ngo

Last updated on November 3, 2019

Controversial Portland-based journalist Andy Ngo shared to Twitter a video of a group of six knocking on his family’s home’s door in masks Friday. While some would assume it was for Halloween, that wasn’t the case. No bags were in-hand and their masks were cut-outs of Ngo’s face. It was pretty clear; they weren’t there for candy.

The six were caught on a home security system at Ngo’s family’s home. According to The Post Millennial, of which he’s an editor-at-large for, the video was shortened down from “several minutes” and is only the latest of Antifa threatening his or his family’s wellbeing.

“This is the latest addition to a long list of Antifa-related individuals doxing, threatening, and promising to hurt or kill me or my family.”

Ngo is a conservative journalist who commonly reports on the hostility that Antifa, a perceived antifascist group, has toward others. He’s had run-ins with them in the past that turned violent. Earlier this year, he was assaulted by a group of Antifa members who beat him and milkshaked him, allegedly, giving him a brain hemorrhage.

The far-left has openly shown a desire to deplatform him over his beliefs. He’s even been doxxed, the act of sharing personal information such as a home address, non-public phone numbers, etc.

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