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Texas Approves Safe Gun Storage, Defying The NRA

Last updated on August 17, 2019

Texan lawmakers have recently passed a bill funding a million-dollar campaign on gun storage. The move was incredibly subtle, with the bill having included massive spending details that easily hid the agenda.

Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, now is responsible for deliberating whether to shut down the bill or sign his approval.

The state of Texas has had a long history of pro-gun semantics, being a Republican-majority state, with over 588,696 registered firearms in a population of 28,000,000 as of 2017. The state’s jurisdiction, as it currently stands, does not require firearm owners to lock their weapons.

The NRA, or the National Rifle Association, and adjacent guns-rights activists have been successful in delaying the whole campaign for safe gun storage up until very recently. It had always been a relatively lukewarm issue, with the NRA having posed itself as a paragon of gun safety education. Unfortunately, when substantive efforts to stop gun violence arise, the organization begins to protest. In fact, only last year, the organization filed a lawsuit against the city of Seattle over the passing of new gun legislation, citing violations against their previous preemption statute.

However, given the circumstances of the Santa Fe High School shooting that had taken place less than a year ago — in which a teenager acquired a shotgun and .38 revolver owned by his father — support for the campaign has risen immensely.

While Child Access Prevention Laws currently allow adults to be held accountable when inadequate storage makes firearms accessible to minors,safe storage laws helping affirm these safety requirements and general gun care are not held in place by Texan law enforcement.

The situation can be seen as a triumph for both gun-owners and anti-gun advocates all around; promoting safe-gun owning practices that simultaneously respect the constitutional right to bear arms, as well as modern citizen concerns regarding gun violence.

Any opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not reflect the stance TheWorker Tribune takes on this issue. TheWorker Tribune seeks to include as many perspectives possible regarding even the most controversial subject matters.

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