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Texas Border Wall construction stalled

According to the Wall Street Journal, construction of the Texas Border Wall along Laredo, Texas has been “thwarted.” The reasoning behind the obstruction of the border wall stems from landowners refusing to allow US Customs and Border Protection to survey their land. There are subsequently plans by the government to sue for the right to investigate the land.

This comes as NPR reports a judge blocking the Trump administration from taking $3.6 billion in funds for Pentagon funds and using it to pay for the southern border wall. This ruling is the result of a suit by El Paso County and the Border Network for Human Rights, arguing that this is an overstep of boundaries, also pointing out that the wall could have economic ramifications for them. Kristy Parker of Protect Democracy stated that the President’s attempts to gain these Pentagon funds was a try at overstepping the reach of his power.

“Today’s order affirms that the President is not a king,” Parker said (courtesy of NPR). “And that our courts are willing to check him when he oversteps his bounds.”

It’s the cattle ranchers

According to the Wall Street Journal, among those who didn’t want US Customs and Border Protection to look at their land, cattle ranchers like David Acevedo felt that the wall would make it difficult for his animals to access water. Others feel that the wall conflicts with their faith. The Diocese of Brownsville, for instance, refused to give five pieces of their land over to the government, with Brownsville Bishop Daniel Flores telling the Wall Street Journal that he didn’t want church property to be used to reject someone in need.

“I don’t want to use the church property to say that no matter how dire your life is,” Flores said (courtesy of WSJ), “you can not be received here.”

According to CNN, others along the southern border fully support a border wall, with a private group called We Build The Wall going as far as to start building their own wall along New Mexico and Texas. Kolfage stated that the construction of the border wall was something that both sides of the aisle needed to come together.

“The politicians are playing games,” Kolfage said (courtesy of CNN). “They need to come together and stop playing with people’s lives.”

According to NPR, the White House will be appealing the ruling.

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