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Three Ministers resigned, Prime Minister Borissov calls for unity in Bulgaria

Dark clouds surround Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov after many citizens protest against the government, with the loyal opposition Party submitted a motion of censure, as they want to drive the country into elections.

Particularly, three Ministers of Borisov’s Party, the Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov, the Economy Minister Emil Karanikolov,  and the Interior Minister Mladen Marinov, are the persons that Borissov demanded the resignations in order to bring peace back to the country, as the protests gathered outside the Parliament.

According to information, the three Ministers are connected with the DPS Party, whose interests are with the Turkish minority. The DPS leader, Ahmet Dogan, accused of spending public money by the loyal opposition Party.

In particular, Dogan, who is retired from the political scene, has been charged over the years for corruption and the loyal opposition party claimed recently that Dogan imperiously turned the public beach in front of his residence into private, with police officers to guard the area.

Finally, Borisov believes that this gesture will hold the country united to fight back against the economic crisis due to the COVID-19 lockdown. To be noted, today (7/16) these three Ministers resigned from their positions.


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