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Twitter users out Iowa reporter’s offensive tweets

Iowa-based news source, Des Moines Register, is getting hit hard for hypocrisy. This hatred comes after one of their reporters, Aaron Calvin, reported on Carson “Iowa Legend” King, the man who has helped raise over 1 million for a charity for children with cancer.  At the near end of the profile piece, the Register acknowledged old and offensive tweets from back in 2011 when he was around 16.

In and of itself, the Register called it a routine social media check, even though the group went all the way back to 2011, at which point King was about 16. While it can be argued that’s not a defense, their statement still backfired as Twitter users outed the author for having similar tweets, some of which were as late as 2013, a whole two years after King’s tweets.

The “apology”

The publication did make a statement in which its editorial staff explained they debated whether putting it in would be of value. Overall, they decided it would, but they put it closer to the bottom since people have the right to know the past of the person they’re giving money to. But, the biggest thing they were trying to highlight was the donations.

In correlation to this, Busch, the beer company that joined forces with King, cut ties. That being said, they are still matching donations for the rest of the month. The Iowa Legend made a response to this where he remained calm and collected, citing they were jokes referencing Tosh.0. He also was deeply remorseful for the offensive tweets.

Aaron Calvin, on the other hand, has deleted the offensive tweets and has put up the “protected tweets” option, meaning only approved followers can see them. Odds are, it’s going to stay that way for a while.

Des Moines Register has claimed that they started an investigation on the author.

Iowa Legend himself

The “Iowa Legend” nickname was awarded to King as he continues to garner donations, which he is putting toward a charity for children with Cancer. Initially, the sign he started this with was a joke, an effort to see if anyone would give him beer money. But, as more and more came piling in, he realized he should give back.

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